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Christine Hester Smith - Ceramics - About my work


My work is primarily illustrative in nature. I make ceramic forms using a variety of techniques such as the wheel, rolled slabs or extruded sections. I endeavour to combine my enjoyment of drawing, and my love of the illustrative line and humour, with the spontaneous medium of fluid slip and clay. 


The use of clay extrusions, in addition to the wheel, has resulted in forms which serve as wonderfully inspiring canvases for my illustrative decoration and which move away from the constraints of obvious functionality.


My pots are made from red earthenware clay which is fired to a deep red maturity (1095) in an electric kiln. On the larger pieces slips are applied at leather hard stage, by means of a brush, jug, spray or trailer. Area are occasionally masked with wax . After biscuit firing I use either matt glaze or touches of gloss as jewelled highlights. The more functional pieces are decorated with slip, again poured or brushed, sponged or trailed according to the design. For more information visit my blog



My work is always on show here at Barnbarroch Pottery, Kippford.
Normally open Tuesday - Saturday 10.00am -5.00pm. However ring to make sure when making a special journey, especially at weekends. I am always happy to open at any other time if it is possible.  For more information and with details of my more functional work please visit my other website: